a BOLD way to express things

Browser mockups are the new bold way to showcase your screenshots or apps, an easy to use and highly configurable. Colored using Google's material design specifications (5 Presets included more through SASS).


How To

Basic snippet to generate a Browser Mock, use the markup in the next code block to create a flat browser mock. It comes with pre defined color pre-sets which can easily be modified to any other color through SASS, which is included.

Change the class browser-window-flat to browser-window-sketch or browser-window-2d to change the styling.

Add class browser-window-round next to browser-window to turn corners rounded.

	<div class="browser-window browser-window-flat">
		<div class="bar">
			<div class="home"></div>
			<div class="address">
				<div class="search link"><a href="">LINK</a></div>
			<div class="menu"></div>
		<div class="content">
			<img src="CONTENT_LINK" />